Hajós lies in the Great Hungarian Plain, 20 km away from Kalocsa.

The ethnic German town was founded in 1722 by Archbishop of Kalocsa, Imre Csáky.

The carefully preserved Swabian culture, the fiery wines in the depths of cold cellars and the tiny village which consists of 1500 cellars and is considered to be unique from architectural point of view will definitely be a good choice for visitors who are seeking for special experiences.

Only wine ’dwells’ in the wine cellar village which has been the scene of the locals’ family events and entertainments as well as a destination for those who are fond of fine wines and associating with people. Cabernet Sauvignon, Kadarka, Zweigelt and Chardonnay are all famous wines of the historical Hajós wine country. Strolling around the cellars, the Swabian accordion, the fine wines and the hospitality of the locals create a special atmosphere here.

You can make your stay even more interesting by visiting to the German Ethnical Farmhouse in Hajós which aims to present Swabian culture and traditions. The interior and the furniture of the house reflect neatness, cleanliness which were so typical of Swabian ancestors and evoke a cosy home.

The town is linked to the wine festival. The last weekend of May each year, we organize the Orbán Day Festival. The festival attracts many visitors.

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