Offer for children

Horse show

The horsemen accompany the little children, who arrive to the Puszta. As a greeting fine wine, bread and lard are offered to our guests who can take a look at the mysterious one thousand-year-old relationship between men and horses during the horseshow. During the horseshow, you can dip into the mysterious relationship between horsemen and horses. Moreover, the elegance of the four-inhand, the Puszta ten-in-hand and the harmony between horsemen and horses mean unforgettable experiences.


Those paying a visit to the endless plain will have an extraordinary experience when travelling on horse carriages.

During the ride you can feel the special atmosphere of the Cumanian plain and the Muddy Region and you can see the hardness and beauty of farm work. You will be fascinated by the sight of this vast land with the summer stand of herdsmen where the grey cattle are grazing peacefully and the herd of horses are slaking their thirst.

Moving on you can catch sight of the almost forgotten racka sheep and – outside the farm – you can view the herd of mangalica pigs.

Stroking animals

The visitors will learn about the special flora and fauna to the Puszta and the Muddy Region of Kalocsa.

The children can visit the stable where they can stroke the animals (dunkey, horse, racka sheep, mangalica). The braves can try the horseback riding.


We welcome all those who are interested in horses and horse riding over the age of two. No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced rider, here you will definitely find what you are looking for. Also we will make it possible for you to stroke horses or simply spend your leisure time with them.


- Escorted riding 2000 Ft / hour

- Lunged Class 2000 Ft / hour

- Arena riding 2000 Ft / hour

- Tour riding 3000 Ft / hour

Above rates include 20% VAT

Olympics of the Puszta

Our small guests have the opportunity to spend an unforgettable day in the tourist center of Bakodpuszta.

After the arrival, the horsemen accompany the guests to the Tribune, where they can see comfortably the horse show in case of bad weather. After the horse show, we invite our little visitors an outdoor game. The exercices inculde: sack-race, ride a donkey or a poney, barrowing, knock off a bottle with whips, tug of war and horseshoe toss. The winning team will be rewarded with award.

After the „Olympiques” the children can stroke our little animals in the stable. And than, they can start the carrige riding in the Puszta, while they can admire the indigenous animals.

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