The Bakod Horse Farm, which is situated only a hundred kilometres of capital Budapest almost in the geometrical centre of the country at the border of the Kunság plain and the Kalocsa Muddy Region, welcomes the fans of natural environment. After leaving Dunapataj at kilometre stone number 108 a private access road drives to the nearby Bakod Horse Farm which is one of the nicest tourist attractions of South Hungary. The dimension of the farm is about 200 hectares and visitors can see several indigenous breeds of animals such as the Hungarian grey cattle, ’mangalica’ pigs, ’racka’ sheep which have been known since the Hungarian Conquest, not to mention the children’s favourites: the cheeky donkey foals. Special programs: horse show, horse riding, riding tutoring, carriage riding and driving.

The horsemens receive the guests before the horse riding show. As a greeting fine wine, bread and lard are offered to our guests who can take a look at the mysterious one thousand-year-old relationship between men and horses during the horseshow.

The wonderful harmony between horsemen and horses, the elegance of equipage, the breathtaking view of the team of eight horses means a remarkable experience. During the horseshow, you can dip into the mysterious relationship between horsemen and horses. Moreover, the elegance of the four-inhand, the Puszta ten-in-hand and the harmony between horsemen and horses mean unforgettable experiences.

Our guests can take a trial in horse riding and donky ride. Actually, it's a special adventure for the guests to take a short carriage ride into the Puszta, during which they can get acquainted with the special flora and fauna at the border of the Kunság Plain and the Kalocsa Muddy Region, as well as admire the rumbling gallop of the stud. The shepherd's wife ("szép juhászné") offers brandy and savoury scones to our quests.

Procession of the Puszta- program:

- Coming and welcoming of the guests:

With bread and dripping (dripping of the mangalica) with onion and high-quality, exellent taste wines of Hajós, which come from this Region

- The horse show

After the guests took their seats ;  the breath-taking horse show begins - without  being exhaustive – with the following attractive elements:

- Puszta ten-in-hand, also known as Koch-ten

- the elegance of the four-inhand

- the peasants triple

- the yoke of oxen

- or during the arcade game the horsemen will show which is better at riding

During the horse show, the narration adjust to the nationality of the groups; in any case taking place in a particular language (hungarian, german, english, french, spanish, etc.)

- Visit the stable

The guests can visit  the centuries-old manor stable, who is „Habsburg yellow-painted” and who was under the care of the former archbishop.

- Carriage riding in the puszta

After the show, the shepherd's wife ("szép juhászné") offers brandy and savoury scones to our quests.

During the carriage riding, the guests can get acquainted with the best-known indigenous species, with the black-bellied mangalica, with the racka sheep and with the regal grey cattle.

- Lunch

To the fulfill the needs of the group, we can provide dining options in the inn of Bakod where you can take the premium quality raw material made of our native animals, by cooking a real rural women’s hands, while you can hear live „tárogatós” music.

The Bakodpuszta tourist center nearly a decade is a flagship showroom, this is awarding the highest rating of 5 horsesoses riders provider.


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