Olympics of the Puszta

Programs for children

We do not forget our little guests. It should be an interesting study in Kalocsa, learning about the religious values, the paprika and the famous folk art of Kalocsa or an unforgettable day at the tourist center of Bakodpuszta. We always welcome the children in groups, on class trip or individually.

We are converting our programs on demand, the families and teachers can choose from several opinions. So, we can see the programs:

Olympics in the Puszta

After the arrival, the horsemen accompany the guests to the thatched roof Tribune where we can see comfortably the horse show in case of bad weather. After the show we forming in groups and we can begin the “Olympics” of the Puszta.


- sack-race

- ride a donkey or a poney

- barrowing

- knock off a bottle with whips

- tug of war

- horseshoe toss

We recognize the winning team with an award. After the tiredness we welcome the children in the stable where they can stroke the animals. After, you can start the great adventure with the carriage riding. During the trip the children can admire our stud and our native animals, the grey cattle herd, the racka sheep flock and the mangalica bunch.

The programs ends at the inn of Bakod where we wait the hungry children with a menu as needed. They can admire the grazing herd looking out of the window if the inn.

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